I Want to Work in the USA

The dream of working and living in the United States to provide a better life for your family is truly wonderful but also very hard to attain. With the countless immigration obstacles you must face in obtaining all the required work Visas, the hope of coming to the USA may seem impossible. As you know, you need to first receive an employment offer before you can even apply for permission to work in USA. Although companies may be interested in your ability, the Visa quota system, high expense and long wait will discourage many companies from even giving you an opportunity.

The right employer can help you get into the US. If you get a job with a US company, they can sponsor you by getting you an H-1B Visa. With an H-1B Visa, you can stay and work in the US legally for up to three years. When those three years end, the visa can be renewed for up to six total years.

The big challenge is finding a company that will sponsor you for employment in the USA. Applying to a job posting or to a company’s website will result in your resume being immediately rejected by the company’s Human Resource department as soon as they realize you need a work permit to be employed in the USA.  A successful outcome can only be attained if the hiring manager directly receives your resume without Human Resource interference.

A company call iEmployed (www.iemployed.com), based in the United States, has for 20 years successfully connected candidates directly with the hiring managers at any major USA companies they select.   With a direct connection to a hiring manager who is only concerned with having a highly qualified team, you secure a much greater opportunity to receive an interview and then to hopefully receive an employment offer.

In addition to connecting you with the hiring managers, iEmployed will also give you guidance on your resume and provide you with feedback from your interview. iEmployed will also assist you in negotiating your offer, the American way, to receive the highest compensation possible.   Finally iEmployed experts in the industry will guide you through the H-1B Visa process and all required paperwork.

Please go to www.iemployed.com to start your new life in the United States of America.