College Graduate Gift

Your college graduate has worked very hard to reach this wonderful culmination. The late night study sessions, the sacrifices and of course the expense deserve a gift fitting of their accomplishment. However the big question is what gift can you get them? In the this day and age of everything being accessible on the internet, your fear is that they have already purchased all affordable items and what they don’t already have, is most likely what they don’t want.

Of course there is the gift card at a store you hope they like or you can simply just give up and write them a check. However you want to show that you truly care about them and you want a gift that recognizes what they have achieved.

So then, what gift can you get at a reasonable price (under a hundred bucks) ?

Studies show that either most graduates have not secured a job before graduation or they have not attained an offer at their dream company. With all the top companies such as Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs and other famous companies receiving hundreds of thousands of resumes each year for just a few hundred positions truly open, the odds are definitely against them. The resumes they send on the internet job posting and or at the campus recruiting events, rarely ever reach the hiring manager. From your own past job search experience, you know it is impossible to get hired unless the hiring manager actually sees your resume.

A company called iEmployed ( with a twenty year track record will guarantee to send your graduates resume directly to the hiring manager of any three company they select. The cost of this wonderful gift is only $49.99 for one month of service. All you need to do is purchase the gift at and provide them with the e-mail address of your loved one. The highly experienced team at iEmployed will immediately contact your loved one and will take care of the rest. In addition to connecting directly with the hiring managers, iEmployed will also provide feedback on the resume and critical guidance during the interview and offer stages.

If you truly want to assist your graduate and give them a gift that clearly shows your love, the iEmployed career assistance is the greatest graduation gift you can ever purchase.

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