Job Boards Will Not Get You Into Your Dream Job

Finding a job is tough. Not only do you have to put together a cover letter and resume, you have to find where to apply. The first place most people turn to is online employment websites, such as Monster or Indeed. They post their resume, apply to positions, and never hear back from anything—all that hard work sucked up and lost in a virtual vortex.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that job boards will not get you into your dream job— the odds are stacked against you. Consider this: on Monster alone, there are 427,000 resumes posted each and every week. Of those, only 1 in 4 resumes will ever be seen by a hiring manager, because Human Resources screen out the majority of the resumes within 6-10 seconds of reading them. Then there’s the fact that there are actually two job markets—one hidden, the other public. Jobs in the “hidden market” are the best jobs available, top positions filled based on internal promotions, referrals and recommendations. When it comes to jobs in the hidden market, companies don’t just look at resumes; they assess each candidate based on skill, personality, and future potential. In other words, they look at you as a whole person, not just a piece of paper. But to have the opportunity to be evaluated in this way, you need to be recommended to the company or have a connection there.

A company called iEmployed, with 20 years job market experience, wants to be your connection. At iEmployed, you pay a small fee of $49.99 for one month’s service, posting your resume to and selecting three companies you want to work for. iEmployed then gets your resume directly into the hands of the hiring managers of the companies you selected. The dedicated staff at iEmployed will guide you through the entire process, from prepping your resume to preparing you for your job interview. They’ll even provide guidance when the job offers start rolling in! With an online portal system, you’ll be able to check on the status of your resume at any time, and you’ll also have access to the hiring managers’ direct contact info., so you can follow up on your resume and interview in-person.

What better way to spend your money than in an investment in yourself? Using iEmployed’s service and connections, your dream job will no longer be out of reach.