Find a job as a military veteran

Being a member of the United States armed forces chances your life forever. It is an experience that not only gives you valuable training, but shapes your worth-ethic, morals, and character. As a military veteran, you have made sacrifices and dedicated a level of effort that most people cannot even comprehend, let alone accomplish.

In the military, you were an active member of a structured, tightly knit community that was built on personal relationships. Moving into the ‘civilian’ realm, where you might not currently have many connections, can represent a challenge. Unfortunately after serving your country many returning veterans come home to face long periods of unemployment or they accept jobs that do not recognize the valuable experience they have attained. Although you know your military experience will make you more than qualified for most civilian roles, the companies Human Resources department will not forward your resume to hiring manager unless your resume exactly matches the job postings.

The objective is to get your resume into the manager’s hand and hopefully to a manager who is a former veteran themselves. Once the manager receives your resume, there must be some follow-up to make sure the manager actually has reviewed your resume and to learn what the next step is. If an interview invitation is extended, there must be another round of follow-up to see what the outcome truly is.

Catering to the military community, there is a company call iEmployed ( that achieves the objectives mentioned above. Your resume is guarantee to reach the hiring manager and a follow-up campaign will be engaged to provide you with the feedback you need. With iEmployed, you are provided with your own portal at through which you will have access to the manager’s direct contact information. You will be updated of each manager’s response to your resume.

In the military you had access to the best equipment and technology in the world. Don’t leave your livelihood up to chance, use to make your transition from the military to the civilian workplace a successful mission.