Age Discrimination In Today’s Job Market

Age discrimination is an ugly truth of today’s job market. But, unlike young workers, who are rejected because they lack experience, older job seekers not only face persistent age-based discrimination, but are hit with a second bias if they have been out of work for too long.

Studies have revealed that older workers that lose their jobs have a much harder time than any other group finding new ones. Job seekers over the age of 45 have several prejudices against them. First of all, employers assume that older workers aren’t as nimble, and, being set in their ways, aren’t as easy to train. Employers also believe that older applicants are necessarily overqualified for the position, and will demand higher salaries or bolt from the position as soon as a better one is found.

A young recruiting officer or assistant at HR will see a long work history on a resume, add up the numbers, and dismiss the candidate on the grounds that they are overqualified and ‘too long in the tooth’. Most resumes never even get to the hiring manager.

A company called iEmployed, with twenty years in the industry, aims to change that. iEmployed sees the benefit of an experienced employee, and wants to help experienced job seekers find the dream jobs they deserve. iEmployed guarantees to send your resume directly to the hiring manager of any three companies that you choose.

iEmployed’s dedicated staff will assist you in perfecting your resume and provide feedback and guidance for the other stages of the process, from job interview to offer. iEmployed’s online portal system and notifications will let you see the status of your resume at any time. Not only that, but you will be provided with an invaluable resource, the direct contact information of the hiring manager, so that you can follow up on your interview yourself.

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